CZ Scorpion EVO 3 and 3+

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Brand: Ascalon Arms
$219 $180.99 excl. VAT
Category: SCORPION EVO 3
Material: Stainless steel
Trigger weigth: 2lb (0.9kg)
Pull length: 0.12" (3mm)
Color: Stainless

Advanced 2 stage drop-in trigger for CZ Scorpion EVO 3 and 3+ with 2lb (0.9kg) weigth, 0.12" (3mm) pull and short reset.


Package includes Ergon trigger shoe, M4x10 screw and two hex keys for installation.


Ergon trigger pack comes out of the box dry lubricated with molybdenum disulfide powder.

Trigger pack is compatible with CZ Scorpion EVO 3+.


Ergon trigger pack pull measurement

Trigger pack installation

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D Avatar of author | 23.11.2023
Works like a charm. Easy to install. Better than any other evo trigger in the market. Daniel from Hungary.
G Avatar of author | 9.5.2022
Trigger is light, very little take up, clean break, and short reset. Everything you want in a competition trigger. Installation was easy and works like a charm. Can't wait to get more time with it on the range. Thanks for a great product.
M Avatar of author | 20.3.2022
Worth every penny spent! I preordered on March 10 when it said they would might be back in stock on March 15, and my trigger was actually shipped on time. (Usually there’s a delay with online back orders.) It got here yesterday on March 19. My trigger got all the way from the Czech Republic to North California in four days. Very impressive. And the way it feels has to be experienced to be believed. It feels like the trigger barely moves before it fires. It’s just what I pictured. Thank you Ascalon-Arms! You do excellent work.
JW Avatar of author | 16.11.2021
Positively the single most improvement that you can make to your scorpion!! Easy install , just remember to lightly lube the trigger pack. Trigger pull is crisp and clean. Reset seems immediate. Excellent fir use in PCC matches.
V Avatar of author | 12.11.2021
This is a fantastic improvement over the stock trigger. My Scorpion went from feeling like a dirty 1960s .308 battle rifle to feeling like a real match gun. Creep, overtravel, and reset are short, crisp, and solid. I haven't measured the pull weight, but I'm guessing it is under 3 lbs. The formed steel disconnector/semi catch needed a little bit of adjustment out of the box in order to reliably reset, but that was easily done. As new, the trigger needed a good soak with oil in order to really sing. It comes pre-lubed with moly on the latching surfaces, but needed oil everywhere. I assume this is just a temporary break-in thing, and I am sure if I had followed instructions and left it dry it would be okay after some firing, but I'm off to the races so I treated it with Militech-1. It's running perfectly now. This trigger pack is the real deal, and at the end of a match saves seconds on the timer, not to mention the improvement in hits.
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